About Us

What is Mktoacademy?

It is an online platform to support all the Marketo aspirants to build and progress in their careers from our learning programs.

Who operates Mktoacademy?

This platform is operated and managed by Sukesh Yadav. He is a full-time instructor and provides his mentorship to Marketo learners.

What do we do?

We have created a wide range of affordable learning programs to support every aspirant per their budget constraint.

We have created self-learning video courses, live classes, and personal support services to tackle real-time job challenges.

Why do we do it?

It is quite often have seen, people would not get the proper guidance, support, and training on the Marketo platform. Consequently, they got frustrated and unnecessary pressure ruins their work-life balance. That's why we came up with our solutions to provide all the way possible support which would fit in their budget as well.